About Us

I've always carried an innovative and creative spirit within me since birth. My enduring passion has been to fill the void in the world with creations that not only bring joy but also put a smile on people's faces. My focus has predominantly centered on little girls and women, especially women of color. It was during my early twenties that my entrepreneurial spirit truly came to life. Over the years, I've embarked on various creative ventures, but it's Trinkets that has blossomed into something extraordinary. Trinkets was born out of multiple aspirations. I noticed many women wearing numerous bracelets, yet none truly represented women of color or were crafted by women of color. My aim was to showcase the diverse beauty of women like us, with all our shades and varieties. I wanted my creations to be a means for women to express themselves, to infuse a ray of sunshine into their days just by glancing at our charms. Moreover, I envisioned my pieces as a source of inspiration and motivation – urging you to unleash your inner FIERCE QUEEN, motivating you to become the GIRL BOSS you've always aspired to be, and instilling a deep sense of self-love and confidence by reminding you of your flawless beauty. Each character and charm in our collection embodies the essence of black women, reflecting our desires, principles, and aspirations. I invite you to explore our website with the assurance that you'll discover a piece that resonates with you. And if you don't find it just yet, stay tuned because there's more greatness on the horizon.