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About Us

I was born with an innovative and creative spirit. I’ve always had a passion for creating what the world lacked yet somehow put a smile on someone’s face at the same time.  My focus has mostly been little girls and women practically women of color. My entrepreneurial spirit awakened in my early 20’s . Over the years I’ve created many things but Trinkets is the one that birthed and grew. Trinkets was created for a few reasons. I saw many women with an arm full of bracelets, but nothing that represented women of color or made by women of color. I wanted to show the world the many shades and varieties of our beauty. I wanted women to be able to express themselves through my pieces. I wanted to brighten someone’s day just by looking at my charms. I also wanted my pieces to inspire and motivate. Inspire you to bring out that FIERCE QUEEN. Motivate you to become that GIRL BOSS you’ve always dreamed of being. Encourage women to LOVE YOURSELF and know that your beauty is FLAWLESS. Each character represents who we are as black women, what we want, stand forand what we aspire to be. Please browse our website. I guarantee, you will find a piece you love, but if not stay tuned there’s more to come.